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My-best was born from the idea of ​​some young entrepreneurs and designers who have only one thing in mind, to make a difference in the world of fashion accessories, bags, belts, shoes, watches and much more.

The winning idea of ​​the brand was born in 2005 when the first models of women’s bags were designed.
It is the beginning of a new adventure, the first steps towards today’s fashion. Today My-best is a prestigious, elegant and minimal brand for both women and men, a new way of seeing fashion, a modern character that fascinates elegant ladies to trendy young women, from professionals to casual boys.
The brand’s mink takes inspiration from London, New York, Paris, Florence and combines the taste of these fashion capitals with the unique Italian craftsmanship.

My-Best has come to design and produce bags for men and women, footwear, jewelry, watches, eyewear, in short, 14 years worn well. For 2019 we intend to create a much more incisive and characteristic line for men and women than the previous one.

Refined handwriting, unusual images of animals or people not only for young people but also for all those who play the charge of the future in the present.

In fact, My-best employs professionals who devote much of their time to research and analysis on the tastes of the youngest or those who are open to Urban Style.

My-best is aimed at a perhaps more niche audience but able to appreciate a more rebellious fashion.

This is possible due to an alternative form of marketing that pays today.

Comfortable alternative shoes, glasses, colorful bags and belts, in short, quality products and “cool” at the same time.
My-Best is not just a brand, it doesn’t try to convince but to evoke a perception.

My Best Bags Firenze is affiliated Assopellettieri, the Italian association of leather goods companies, which is part of Confindustria Moda.

And every year it participates in all the major trade fairs, European and world reference for the leather bags sector: MIPEL, at Milan, ILM at Offenbach, Moda Italia at Tokyo and Garda Bags at Riva del Garda.

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